This lovable pre-historic squirrel is just crazy about acorns and will do anything to get his paws on one.  Now if he could only catch that elusive nut!


Sid’s big mouth and naivety often land him in trouble, but this sloth has a heart of gold!


The definition of a family man, Manny is always putting his loved ones first and will do anything to protect them.  This is one serious and caring woolly mammoth that you always want on your side!


This saber tooth tiger may look ferocious with such large fangs, but Diego is truly a softy deep down inside. He is often torn between his natural instincts and his loyalty for the herd, but his loyalty always wins out.

Crash and Eddie

This mischievous duo are constantly trying their best to stay out of trouble but can’t help but cause more harm than good in everything they do.


Strong-willed and with a mind of her own, Peaches shares a love of adventure with her uncles Crash and Eddie. Like many teenagers, she loves to test her parents and often thinks before she acts.


Full of teen age attitude, the popular clique is made up of Steffie—the “alpha girl” of the mammoths and Katie and Meghan who always agree with her.


Shira’s the beautiful, agile saber-tooth tiger and member of Gutt’s crew who discovers family is what is really important in life.


The mammoth who thinks she’s part possum, Ellie’s sparky personality and loving nature make her a perfect match for Manny.  Her easygoing nature keeps the group happy and most importantly together.


Teenage mammoth heartthrob Ethan is popular, adventurous and Peaches’ first crush who turns out he may be more shallow than cool.