• Char headshot scrat


    Scrat is a prehistoric squirrel whose sole purpose in life is to bury an elusive acorn, which always – always! triggers calamitous events.
  • Char headshot sid


    Our happy go lucky sloth has been looking for love in all the wrong places – until he makes a romantic connection with Brooke, the most desirable female sloth on Earth.
  • Char headshot manny


    As if the cosmic threat to the Ice Age World isn't enough, Manny must deal with yet another life-changing challenge: his daughter getting married and leaving home.
  • Char headshot diego


    The tough-as-nails saber-tooth tiger and his better half, Shira, are the Earth's new power couple – but can they handle the looming cosmic Scrat-astrophe?
  • Char headshot ellie


    Like her main guy Manny, Ellie dreads her imminent empty nest syndrome.As always, she has a plan.But is Manny onboard?
  • Char headshot shangri llama

    Shangri Llama

    This yoga-obsessed and serene supreme leader of a utopian village is, literally, ageless.When Manny and the herd seek out the Llama for answers to the rapidly approaching cosmic Scr...
  • Char headshot crasheddie

    Crash and Eddie

    These idiot brothers are thrilled to be reunited on an adventure with their hero, Buck, vowing to happily follow him anywhere.But this time, the adventure's bigger than their tiny b...
  • Char headshot brooke


    This beautiful, artistic sloth embodies all the utopian qualities of her peaceful community.So when she falls head over heels in love with Sid, it's quite a surprise - especially to ...
  • Char headshot julian


    Peaches's fiancé is an affable, enthusiastic free spirit who loves giving long power hugs.He's a great match for Peaches, but makes the stoic Manny uncomfortable.
  • Gavin char headshot


    This misguided dinobird dad proudly trains his kids Roger and Gertie in the fine art of stealing eggs. But after being repeatedly thwarted by Buck, the family embarks on a mission to...
  • Roger char headshot


    Roger may be the smartest member of his family, but he is a disappointment to his dad, who expects him to be as excited as his sister about his farfetched plan to get rid of Buck and...
  • Gertie char headshot


    Gertie loves her dad and is eager to prove herself useful in the family's mission to rid the world of Buck, despite her brother pointing out that Gavin's plan is missing a few feathe...
  • Char headshot francine


    Francine is a sassy sloth looking for “Mr. Right" – but instead finds the sloth with all the Wrong Stuff: Sid.
  • Teddy char headshot


    Teddy is a hunky, fitness-obsessed bunny – and a very youthful 338 years old – who woos Granny … by massaging and then bench-pressing her.
  • Neil char headshot

    Neil DeBuck Weasel

    The science maven and master explainer inside Bucks head knows everything about the cosmos and the looming Scrat-astrophe.He has a theory to save the planet, but can the herd pull it...
  • Misty bubbles char headshot

    Misty and Bubbles

    These colorful, sprightly prehistoric unicorns are the wardens of the crystal infused world of Geotopia and can often be found by Brooke's side. Misty, like Brooke, is always positiv...
  • Char headshot buck


    The one-eyed swashbuckler and dino-whisperer is determined to once again save the day, this time from Scrat's cosmic catastrophe.So he's assembled a crack “planetary defense team" ...
  • Char headshot captingutt

    Captain Gutt

    Gutt is a Gigantopithecus who is a self-styled master and pirate captain of the high seas. His name is not based on his stomach but rather due to the long sharpened fingernails that ...
  • Granny


    Sid's Granny is back, just as confused and ornery as ever.Even the villainous dinobirds find her a handful.
  • Char headshot louis


    Peaches' best friend Louis, is a soft-spoken, somewhat weak, and slightly cute hedgehog, who is always dutifully by her side and eager to help, even if it is to help her get closer t...
  • Peaches


    All grown up and ready to marry the love of her life, Peaches must first deal with a few small matters, like her dad's unhappiness with her soon-to-be hubby Julian and the impending...
  • Char headshot precious


    A 123 foot-long Livyatan melvillei with three rows of teeth. Precious was the pet of a ground sloth dubbed Granny.
  • Char headshot scratte


    Scratte is the beautiful and saavy female saber-tooth squirrel who always gives Scrat a run for his money, using all of her talents of manipulation to beat Scrat to his beloved acorn.
  • Char headshot shira


    Having left her dangerous pirate-life behind her, Shira is now contemplating starting a family with Diego.But first, she has to get over the idea that that kids are afraid of her!